Every year, the Student Association of La Cité organizes various campaigns or shares existing campaigns to inform and educate the student population. Here are the targeted campaigns for 2015-2016.


Ontario recently launched a new campaign to raise awareness about sexual harassment. Thus, each post-secondary institution must promote it to its student population.

The Student Association, in collaboration with Clinique C-Santé, worked with the students of the advertising and marketing communication program of La Cité to create a campaign created BY the students, FOR the students, hoping to be able to sensitize them to the sexual harassment.

The campaign will be posted on the College campuses (Ottawa, Orleans and Alfred) for the coming months.

If you have been a witness or victim of sexual harassment on campus, you can contact:

  • The Respect Coordinator at 613-742-2483 ext. 2556
  • The C-Health Clinic 613 742-2493 ext. 2067 (B1060)
  • The College Campus / Residence Security Service at 613-742-2493 ext. 2828 (A1100)
  • The Counseling Service at 613-742-2493 ext. 2090 (C1030)

If you do not want to complain to the police, but still want to stop a situation, please contact Caroline Sauvé, Respect Coordinator at La Cité at 613-742-2493 ext. 2256. She is responsible internal investigations at La Cité.


This awareness campaign, set up by the province of Ontario, aims to end violence and sexual harassment. Here is the action plan and a video explaining the campaign a bit.

We invite you to visit to find out about the details of the campaign and how you can help the cause.

Action Plan: Never Acceptable
Ontario has a plan to end sexual violence and harassment. By focusing on the root causes of sexual violence – unhealthy attitudes and behaviors and gender inequality – we will make our province safer and more responsive to sexual violence and harassment.