Student Insurance

Covers Offered


Get up to $ 1000 refund per year.

  • Prescription Drugs Prescription
    drug fees of $ 8 or more (reimbursed at 80%).
  • Vaccines
    Prescription vaccines (100% reimbursed, up to a maximum of $ 100)
  • Ambulance and Hospitalization
    Costs of ambulance transport and hospitalization in a semi-private room in case of accident or illness (100% reimbursement).
  • Accidental Injury to Teeth
    Care following accidental injury to natural teeth (100% reimbursed, up to a maximum of $ 500).

NB The prescription preparation fees from the pharmacy are not covered or refundable. You will have to pay these fees in full.


Get up to $ 500 refund per year.

  • Diagnostic care:
    Oral examinations, interproximal X-rays and a series of full-mouth X-rays per 24-month period are reimbursed at 80%.
  • Preventive care:
    • The polishing of the coronal part of the teeth (cleaning) and the topical application of fluoride are reimbursed at 80%.
    • The fillings are reimbursed at 80%.
      N B.: white fillings in the front, gray fillings in the back.
  • This coverage includes a complete oral exam every 36 months and a maximum of two descaling units (unit used during cleaning) per period of coverage. Maximum 1 cleaning per 12 month period is reimbursed at 80%.

It should be noted that the majority of dental practices are now able to claim the portion of expenses covered directly by the insurer (80%). Thus, you only have to pay the balance of the expenses not covered (20%).

When you arrive at the dentist:

  1. Let the person at the front desk know that you have dental insurance and that you would like to check whether the covered expenses can be claimed directly from your insurer,
  2. Then give your Major Plan Digital ID # (# 628151), which should appear in the dentist’s system under the AutoBen number or name.
  3. Give your policy number (# 9954) and your student number followed by the letters “LCC” as shown on your insurance card.
  4. Your firm will be able to confirm if the costs can be claimed directly *.

If your dental practice is having difficulty, they can contact Plan Major’s customer service at 1-877-976-2567.

* In the event that the fees can not be claimed directly, you will have to pay all the expenses to then make a request for a refund from Plan Major.

Family Coverage

The family coverage is the same as the student. An additional $ 70 per quarter is required to add up to three dependents (only children and spouses are eligible), and it will cost $ 25 per additional person.

All registered dependents will be able to claim up to $ 1,000 in medical care and up to $ 500 in dental care per person per year.

Family coverage must be made during the change period.

Withdrawal Plan

If you wish to withdraw from your insurance plan (reimbursement of $ 14 per quarter), please complete the form below during the modification period.

Notice! When you make a withdrawal from the plan for the fall term, you will automatically be withdrawn and reimbursed for the winter term IF you have paid your tuition fees in full.